Terms & Conditions

Processing and acceptance of orders

  1. All orders for products made by you, whether online or otherwise, are subject to acceptance by us and may, at our discretion, receive orders, reject orders or advise a purchaser of our inability to process an order for any reason . We can send a sample order request, by email or other means conform. The email notification of receipt of your order is automatically made and does not require a request. acceptance of the application.
  2. Please note that we will not reserve the ordered merchandise until payment is confirmed. You should ensure that the information you submit to us on your order is accurate and complete to the best of your ability. The fulfillment of your request depends on the availability of inventory, payment and possibly other areas, including, but not limited to, an address or a credit card verification.
  3. While it is our intent to keep our site up-to-date and accurate, errors in product description or pricing may occur.
    If we discover such an error after you have submitted an order to us, we will contact you before accepting your order with the correct details. You can cancel your order or accept it based on the correct information.
    If we are unable to contact you within 7 business days, we will revoke your request and notify you by email that will be sent to the email address you provided at the time of your order.
    The product property is delivered to the customer as soon as payment is made and we will dispatch the products through the shipping company.
  4. The customer can cancel their order when the Cancel button is active.
    When inactive, the request can not be canceled, changed and refunded without our permission. After the package is shipped, our warranty and return policy goes into effect.


  1. GamelShop offers customers the following payment options at checkout. We reserve the right to refuse any payments (and / or request an alternative method of payment) at our discretion for security reasons. PayPal: The most convenient payment method. Through PayPal, we accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, Discover and bank transfer. Secure payment with credit / debit card: We also accept Visa and MasterCard international on our checkout page.
  2. We can only accept the local bank transfer, other payment method, such as overseas bank transfer, bank checks, etc., are not acceptable and we are not responsible for paying the client without following our instructions.
  3. Local payment solutions: We offer Russian and Brazilian customers the option to pay via local payment solution.
    Additional fees or charges may apply by the company or credit card bank through our partner offering payment options.

Additional fees or charges may apply by the company or credit card bank through our partner offering payment options.

  1. Prices shown on this site are in selected currency and do not include applicable taxes, duties or import taxes, except for selected countries, GST / VAT and applicable import taxes, or taxes may apply to the purchase, depending on where you are based.
    These charges are not billed to us and are collected by your local Imports authorities at the delivery point, if it is a local requirement.
  2. Please note that additional credit card or local bank charges may be charged on your order.
    Although our prices are listed in local dollars, credit cards are billed as international transactions, so an international credit card fee may be charged by your service provider for your transaction.
    We can not provide guidance on the percentage that may be charged, as applicable, that fee will be charged in the jurisdiction of your credit card carrier.
  3. Our business and business conditions offered on this site support customer purchases for personal use only.
    Any orders considered planned for another application can not be processed under the conditions set forth here. In case of special order request, please contact us separately for quotation request.


  1. While we make every effort to deliver the goods within the timeframe we specify, we can not guarantee delivery on that day or accept responsibility for deliveries made outside of this period as we rely on third parties to facilitate deliveries by our customers to us. We are not responsible for expenses incurred or other costs incurred due to faulty or delayed deliveries.
  2. All delivery times are subject to stock availability.
  3. Our system automatically sends a "Confirmation of Delivery" email to your designated email address as soon as your order is packaged and ready for shipping.
  4. We can not change the shipping address after the order confirmed.
  5. Our delivery responsibility is deemed fulfilled and when we ship an order to the designated address provided by our buyer.
    We can not be held responsible for items that disappear in transit, or are damaged in any way, as they are managed by the designated shipping company, but we will do our best to support customers as needed to ensure a happy shopping experience.

In the case of damaged or tempered packages received, it must be communicated to us within 24 hours upon receipt, with the delivery statement damaged by the delivery company, so that we can take immediate action.

Optional GamelShop transport protection of parcel loss coverage or damaged item by re-sending the package after confirmation from the shipping company except under the following faulty delivery reasons.

  • No valid proof provided by the shipping company
  • Carried out or lost in custom during customs clearance
  • Delivery to wrong address due to wrong address provided by customer
  • The recipient can not be hired by the shipping company
  • Refusal to deliver by the recipient
  • Recipient not available at shipping address
  1. Our courier partners require a signature upon arrival, so it is not possible to deliver in mailboxes.
    All devices are delivered by courier companies because of their high values.
  2. If the item can not be delivered to the customer and the customer remains unaltered, there will be no refund and the return of the item will not be accepted for any reason. The case will be treated as an abandoned item if the item is not delivered to the customer even after we or the shipping company make the best effort to contact the delivery recipient.
    The customs / shipping company reserves the right to abandon the package in accordance with its regulations.

Warranty and return policies

  1. The Standard Warranty is a 30-days warranty for hardware and software, 30 days from the day the order is placed until the day the item is delivered to our designated office or location. Cosmetic damages (excluding product carton / accessories) and missing parts / items must be reported within 24 hours of receipt under the condition that the item should be kept in the original packaging with all unused accessories, carton and protections. For parts / missing items, we'll try to send the replacement first. The terms and conditions of the 30-days standard warranty are as follows:
Standard Warranty Exclusions:
    • The warranty does not cover the following:
    • Broken screens or LCDs
    • Damage due to use in fire, water, earthquake, lightning or other acts of nature and extreme thermal or environmental conditions
    • Damage caused by accidents or improper handling of the device
    • Damage caused by applications or firmware that are not compatible with the device.
      Rooted devices are not acceptable in any situation.
    • Dead pixels on LCD or viewfinder. Screen burn.
    • Products with serial number or IMEI number removed, deleted, defaced, altered or tampered with
    • Products with substitution of non-manufacturer product (s)
    • Any deterioration of the product due to normal wear, including and not limited to rust or stains
    • Accessories including batteries, connected peripherals and free gifts provided with the main unit.
    • Any problem caused by running a software update
    • Minor imperfections within design specifications that do not materially alter product functionality (not considered defective).
    1. If the product has been received with manufacturer defects covered by the warranty (see list above), the purchaser has the right to return the product for urgent repair within 7 days. In this case, GamelShop will cover the cost of return shipping, as well as the cost to deliver a replacement. The customer will need to arrange for a return of repair permit to avoid taxes / fees in the country itself.
    2. In addition to 7 days from the date of receipt, but within 30 days from the date of purchase, the product is still covered by our standard warranty.
      For these products under warranty, customers can send the defective products to our office along with the relevant documents and we will provide repair services. The evaluation of warranty claims will be made (see Exclusions below) to validate them.
    3. GamelShop repair service will be made at our discretion within an estimated 3 to 4 weeks or more, depending on the problem and the availability of spare parts, at no cost to the customer.
      If there are no symptoms or defects found in our tests, the item will be shipped back to the customer without repair or replacement.
      In cases where repair is not possible, GamelShop will offer a Class A stock as a replacement.
      If no replacement is available, based on the condition of the item, store credit will be offered. See also FAQ return policies
    4. The warranty does not cover general maintenance, password reset assistance, routine maintenance and cleaning, software upgrade / upgrade, software or application installation, product demonstration, or any other services in addition to repair. In addition, any inconvenience / problem / accident of use with third party cable, accessory, application, hardware and software is not covered under warranty.
    5. It is your responsibility to back up your personal information and remove any programs, data, etc. stored on the product before delivering it for repair.
      GamelShop assumes no responsibility for any loss, damage, destruction, alteration or failure to maintain the confidentiality of programs, data, information or other materials that were originally not provided in the box that are left in the Product.
    6. If we are unable to access the item for repair due to the security lock, we will not be able to continue the repair and the item will be shipped back directly without repair.
      We will not be responsible for any cost of returning the item in this case.
    7. In case the customer rejects to receive the item repaired and shipped back, the item will be considered abandoned under the reason that the customer has given up possession of the item. This policy would be applied based on the delivery report provided by the shipping company.
    8. GamelShop shall not be liable in any way for any consequential, incidental, indirect, special or similar damages arising out of or relating to the use, inability to use or performance of the product, including, without limitation, loss of revenue, loss of profits . , loss of opportunity, loss of business, etc.

    Change of opinion

    1. Within 7 days from the date of receipt of the item, all items may be returned if you simply change your mind. Please note that the returns must be in AS NEW CONDITION with COMPLETE PACKING, NOT OPENED WITH DOCUMENTATION box as received. A 30% restocking fee will apply in this case. If the condition of the product is not as defined herein, we reserve the right to charge the cost to reform the product to the original AS NEW condition. The import / import taxes / charges / fees will not be refunded either. To return the merchandise, pack it correctly, including all manuals, accessories and packaging originally supplied, and follow the return instructions. See also FAQ return policies
    2. The return request can only be increased and considered only upon receipt of the order by the customer.
      Return policy is not applicable and refund will not be applicable due to customer failure / refusal to receive order or forced abandonment of parcels by mail or customs due to non-delivery

    Taxes, Duties, Import Rules, Fees and Charges

    1. Many countries charge fees and / or taxes on goods at the point of importation. This is a fee charged by the local governments of the country and will normally be charged by the courier used to deliver your goods. Unless otherwise stated on our site, the customer will be responsible for payment of all taxes and fees.
    2. Please note that we have a warehouse in Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, UK, Australia, your products will be shipped from the most suitable location where available stock is located.
      Several countries, such as Malaysia, the Philippines and Indonesia, for example, may require you to have a valid import permit / license to import some technology-type products for personal and business use.
      Therefore, we advise you to understand your local import rules whenever possible before making purchases with us to avoid disappointment / additional costs.
      For more information do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to share any information we have about these charges and rules.
      We will provide this information to assist you, please note that we can not be held responsible for this information, as these fees and charges have been created by local authorities and are outside our company's field of expertise. They may be subject to change without notice by local authorities.
    3. Note that GamelShop will not refund the order if the goods need to be returned or discarded in the custom due to the customer's refusal to pay local fees and charges by local authorities. Please understand your potential local charges and charges before placing your order with us.
      By placing your order with us, you accept these terms.


    1. This information provided to us by our customers is used by us for the sole purpose of processing only one order. We only ask what is needed so we can facilitate an order for its completion. Customer information is and will never be disclosed to third parties. Customer data is not shared or sold in any way.
    2. All information is collected legally and in accordance with the current Privacy Laws of each country.
    3. At our discretion, we may request additional information from buyers at the time of order processing.
      By placing an order with our company, you acknowledge that we do not forgive fraud and we strive to protect legitimate buyers and our company from fraud at all times.
      As a result, it may be necessary to perform a proof of address and / or credit card verification on a buyer to verify the legitimacy of your details in a case-by-case scenario.
      It is our right to maintain our image as a supplier of high-value devices in the world and we appreciate your understanding.
    4. If you have any questions about information privacy, please contact us


    1. We provide maximum security for your transactions on our website, please note that your bank account or credit card numbers are never stored. We can only see your order information, your application date and whether or not you have your credit card verification process.
    2. If you have any questions about security, please contact
    3. We will take all reasonable and legally required precautions to keep your order details safe and secure, but unless negligent, we can not be liable for any losses caused as a result of unauthorized access to the information you provide.

    Prices, product description and availability

      1. While we make every effort to ensure that prices on our site are as accurate as possible, we reserve the right to change a price for goods ordered as we understand them. Should our prices change after the customer's order has been pre-authorized, we will not perform any price corrections at the updated prices on the GamelShop website, regardless of whether it is increased or decreased. Likewise, credits will not be offered for items that were pre-authorized before a promotional price was released, unless we defined it as part of the promotional scheme.
      2. Due to the dynamic nature of technology and markets (for example, changes in the exchange rate and other variables beyond our control), prices, product versions, details and availability are subject to continuous change without notice . Prices can and do change from day to day or even on the same day; the price at the time of order is what will be applied. In addition to promotional events, the main reason is due to the fact that our company is a global organization and depends on the global currency. Our parent company is GamelShop Limited, headquartered in Hong Kong. Our local currencies may be pegged to our parent's dollar.
      3. As a result, prices may fluctuate. If you have any questions, please contact us.
        If an order is made for an item with an incorrect price and the erroneous price is less than the cost price of the item, we reserve the right to offer the opportunity for the customer to receive the best possible discount or cancel the order.
      4. When stock availability for an item indicates a "In Stock Now" quantity, we have stock available in our Asia Pacific Hub warehouse, to be allocated for valid orders confirmed in date priority.
        In the event that the total order is greater than the available stock and we are unable to obtain more stock, we have to comply with orders based on the first-in, first-out rule and notify the customer of the item we can not meet.
      5. The availability of stock on our site and order confirmations are generated by our system taking into account current stock levels, customer return requests, products already in transit from suppliers or from another GamelShop warehouse and information provided by suppliers for deliveries outstanding.
        Although they are as accurate as possible and generally reliable, they are only estimates that can be affected by many factors, especially unforeseen manufacturing delays or product discontinuations. GamelShop offers these estimates in good faith, but we can not be held liable if estimated and actual times vary, or if a product is discontinued or replaced by a manufacturer.
        If a buyer purchases an item that is out of stock due to any reason, we will offer a solution in the best interests, including stock exchange or order cancellation, if the buyer does not want to wait for stock replenishment of the exact item requested.
      6. The descriptions and specifications of the products shown on our website are obtained directly from the information provided by the manufacturers. The products are supplied as named and described.
        Where the description of a product is accompanied by an illustration of the packaging or of the product itself, that illustration is for illustrative purposes only and may not appear to be absolutely identical to the product to be supplied if the exact appearance of the product or packaging is essential identical. then you should make this clear to us by writing at the time of request.
      7. As GamelShop operates in many different countries, occasionally the products may be inadvertently placed on sale on our site, we may not be able to sell in some countries for technical, regulatory or commercial transfer any of our rights or subcontract any of our obligations under these terms and conditions to third parties.
      8. You may not assign or transfer any of your rights or subcontract any of your obligations under these terms and conditions except with our specific written permission.
      9. These terms and conditions govern the entire business relationship between you and ourselves and will remain in effect during the period of our business relationship.
      10. All intellectual property rights (including use of trademarks) will be our sole property. You are only allowed to use material on this site as expressly authorized by us or our licensors.
      11. Any unauthorized use of material on this site is strictly prohibited.
      12. We reserve the right to change these terms and conditions from time to time and such changes will be communicated on our website.

    E and OE

    1. Errors and omissions should be excluded.

    No effect on statutory rights

    • The above policies are part of our commitment to high quality service.
    • They do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

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